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Why I’m Loving Holistic Postpartum Care

I’ve been supporting new families as a postpartum doula for almost 7 years. Over the years, my practice has grown and my skill set has expanded. I’ve always had a love for global postpartum traditions, specifically the foods, healing modalities, and overall approach that so many cultures have for the postpartum period. Some years ago, I learned about vaginal steaming from the amazing Keli Garza of Steamy Chick. I knew right away this was something I wanted to add to my doula practice, so I did! A few things, such as Bengkung style belly binding, and postpartum massage, I only touched on, or sent clients to other providers for (since there were so many doing them in Los Angeles).

Since having my own daughter, and since moving back to Memphis, I’ve realized that my passion for holistic postpartum care is HUGE. Postpartum doula work has always been work that I’ve felt extremely comfortable in, but now I see more than ever the emphasis that needs to be placed on the care and recovery of the new mother/postpartum person. I see how our culture does not do its best to support new families, and how I can bring a level of reverence, expertise, comfort, and information to the folks I work with. Though it’s a pleasure to teach evolutionary parenting and baby care, nothing fulfills me more in this work than helping a new mother/postpartum parent feel rested, nourished, and healthful.

Starting in 2019, I’ll be offering a more structured approach to my holistic postpartum care. I’ve always incorporated aspects of this care into my practice, but I am called to bring it to more families in the new year. I will be created a postpartum sitz/v-steam herbal blend, scar massage oil, v-steam offering, belly binding and belly massage offerings, Closing the Bones ceremonies, postpartum physical recovery education sessions, postpartum meal preparation, and much more to both doula clients and others. Products will be available for purchase on my website. I cannot wait to help families have a better postpartum experience!

What I love about this approach is that it bolsters the health and wellbeing of the postpartum person, which in turn helps them to better care for their baby and family. It’s all about giving time and space to rest and heal from birth, bond with the new baby, and integrate oneself back into their life, now changed from their experience. This holistic care is deeply tied into my belief in the importance of embodiment. I educate new families on how to take care of themselves, each other, and their babies and children from an embodied space. What that means to me is that we look at what the evolutionary needs of the newborn are, what helps new mothers/postpartum people come back into their bodies after childbirth (sexually and otherwise), and creating an approach to parenting and life that is rooted in the deep wisdom of the body.

While some of this might sound “crunchy,” it really can benefit anyone, regardless of your overall style. Everyone wants to have a smooth recovery from childbirth, to create a strong bond with their baby, and to find balance in being a parent, a partner, a lover, and a person unto themselves. That’s what my holistic postpartum care is all about! It’s for folks having hospital births, epidurals, water births, cesareans, inductions, you name it! You don’t have to have a home water birth attended by midwives to benefit from a holistic approach to your postpartum care. In fact, my services can really support folks who work with hospital care providers due to the infrequency of visits in the postpartum, and often lack of knowledge or lack of sharing of knowledge about postpartum recovery.

I absolutely love how providing good food, good perineal and scar care, pelvic floor and diastasis education, and overall pampering and nourishing can make such a difference for the families who choose me as their doula. Not only will I be offering these modalities to my postpartum clients, but my birth clients will receive some goodness as well! You don’t even have to hire me as your doula to benefit–as I am offering the services and products a la carte and in doula packages.

With all we are learning about the postpartum period, the “first forty days,” and the fourth trimester, it’s so important to surround yourself with all the love and support possible to help ease the transition into parenthood, whether the first time or third. I know that you too will love what I’m offering!

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