Individualized Support for

Birth Professionals

Hey there!

Are you a doula, childbirth educator, newborn care specialist, or birthworker who is looking for guidance, one-on-one mentorship, business consulting, and other high quality professional services?

If you are looking for a doula certification training, an advanced doula training, or group/community based membership, you’ve almost come to the right place! I encourage you to check out my doula training company, Embodied Doula Trainings, for professional doula trainings for new and experienced doulas, as well as a community that includes monthly mentor and speaker calls. It is a fabulous organization that is shaking up the doula world! Click here to learn more about Embodied Doula Trainings.

If you’re here because you are looking for someone to make your website or logo, you’re almost at the right place again, but not quite! Please check out Birthing Your Brand, a doula website building platform that I co-founded, but have stepped back from. My partner Brian can take care of you!

If you’re here because you want something a little bit more intimate, a little bit more tailored to your particular practice and business, you’ve come to the right place! Huzzah! Finally! Yes, if you are a doula of any amount of years who is looking for consulting that focuses on the business side or the practice side of being in the birth world, I have got you. My one-on-one consulting goes beyond the basics to help you advance in your business/practice in major ways!

My Expertise

I have been in the birth world for a decade. Prior to becoming a doula, I was in graduate school for creative writing/poetry. Prior to becoming a doula, I had not owned my own business before, but I had grown up with two entrepreneur parents (artists) who taught me how to be creative, work with integrity, and connect with people in a unique way. They encouraged me to pursue this amazing career, and their support, paired with a long list of incredible mentors (both doulas and entrepreneurial experts), I was able to build a successful business in Los Angeles, and then again here in Memphis.

Now my business encompasses more than just solo doula work, which I have actually stepped away from for the most part. I work with clients locally to me as a childbirth educator and Postpartum Transformation Guide, and I have a team of birth and postpartum doulas who serve our clients in a team practice. I now offer coaching to mothers at any stage of their journey. I also co-run Embodied Doula Trainings. I’m also in school for scar tissue remediation. Over the years my business has continually evolved. Sometimes, I do too much. Sometimes, I feel stuck. Sometimes, I try something new and it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

My ability to adapt, my longevity in the birth world, and my work ethic all lead to my ability to support other birthpros in leveling up their own businesses and finding more ways to THRIVE!

In addition to helping you create a plan for moving forward in your business, I offer consulting/guidance for the following:

-social media presence that feels authentic to you
-creating eBooks, free gifts, PDFs, and other digital items
-creating courses/writing curriculum
-website copywriting

**Additional fee for actually creating content for consulting clients.**

Let’s Work Together!

I’d love to support you in making your doula business everything you envision and more. Together, we can cast that vision for the future, figure out the steps necessary to get there, and work on any branding elements, writing, or other items that may help you soar!

Are you ready to up level your doula business? Let’s schedule a time to chat about your goals, or what has led you to realize you want individualized support in growing your doula business and practice. Please contact me here, email me at, or call me at (901)336.4168 to schedule a discovery call. From there, we can find a plan of consulting that best supports you! I can’t wait to help you!