Pregnancy transforms us

Pregnancy is a unique time that stretches our minds, hearts, and bodies into something new

The bounds of our bodies and identities are in a constant state of motion

We may feel connected or disconnected to our bodies and baby during this time

We may feel uncertain about the journey ahead, about giving birth, about the after

We want to tap into our intuition, connect with our partners, and prepare confidently for what is to come

All the anticipation and preparation can feel overwhelming

But it doesn’t have to be–

This is where I come in

I have supported the pregnancy journey for the past decade, guiding countless women through the physical, spiritual, embodied, sometimes medical, and practical aspects of pregnancy and beyond. As a childbirth educator, retired birth doula, and mother myself, I have witnessed this sacred journey unfold for many women.

In walking alongside so many pregnancy journeys, I have seen the value of having support outside of the relationship between pregnant mothers and their care providers, especially when those mothers have chosen hospital based birth/obstetrical care. These mothers are often craving more: more information, more compassion, more empathy, more attention, more love, more hands on care, more resources.

And sometimes the desire for support is that I understand the inner journey, the identity changes, the relationship dynamics that can emerge, the vacillation between embodiment and disembodiment, the desire to feel connected to pregnancy in a particular way, and I am overjoyed to hold a container for pregnant mothers to explore this important aspect of pregnancy.

The Critical Needs of Pregnancy


Intuition building

Connection to self, body, baby

Strong support

Authentic information

Tender care

Time to explore the inner landscape of pregnancy

Someone who has walked the path and can anticipate your needs, concerns, and desires

Why you are here

If you are here, you are a pregnant mother who knows deeply that you desire more, you desire deeper–

Deeper support, more information, the kind that will best serve you as you grow your baby and prepare for your birth (and beyond).

You want meaningful coaching that offers guidance in navigating your pregnancy on several levels: the physical, the mental, the spiritual and embodied, the medical, the practical. You want to feel heard and seen as you cast a vision for your birth experience, you want to work with someone who understands your fears and concerns, and who can gently and empathically affirm or dispel them when needed. You want to feel like someone is invested in your experience and outcomes.

Whether this is the beginning of your pregnancy, or you’re closer to giving birth, or if it is your first pregnancy or third+, I am here to walk alongside you in this transformative journey.

Let’s find out what we can create, together.

Working Together

In Person Coaching & Bodywork

If you are located in the Memphis area, sessions will take place at my office in Midtown (unless you prefer virtual sessions for convenience or health reasons). Local clients benefit from a blend of coaching, somatic bodywork, and nervous system work.

Virtual Coaching

For folks who are not local to me, coaching is available virtually via Zoom. Please note that I am in the Central timezone.

Commonly Covered Topics

Pregnancy comfort, physical and mental/emotional/embodied birth preparation, identity changes, preparing for the postpartum period, navigating medical care, informed medical consumerism, evidence based information, ritual, relationships and intimacy, ecstatic birthing, and more.


3 month coaching packages with twice monthly 90 minute sessions start at $1200, longer packages available or once monthly packages also possible

Are you ready to start your transformation journey? Let’s schedule a time to chat about your goals, or what has led you to realize you want embodied support in your pregnancy. Please contact me here, email me at, or call me at (901)336.4168 to schedule a discovery call. From there, we can find a plan of coaching that best supports you!