Motherhood transforms us

Motherhood simultaneously brings us to our edge and shows us our limitless potential

Motherhood asks us to humble ourselves, to reconcile ourselves, and to examine who we are at the core

Sometimes the person we see in the mirror isn’t recognizable

We wonder where we went when we took on this all-consuming role

When our child finally finds some sense of independence, we begin to notice that we have gotten lost along the way

Finding who we are outside of our mothering feels impossible

But it doesn’t have to be–

This is where I come in

It has been my mission to support mothers for the last 10+ years. Not only have I been able to hold space for motherhood as a doula, but long before that, as a childcare professional. I have witnessed, first hand, mothering outside of my own mother relationship for over twenty years, and now, I am navigating my own motherhood journey.

I long understood the value of being in the intimate time and space of the early postpartum period, but as my daughter has grown, and as I have witnessed more mothers in their own journeys, I see that the need for that type of attention and care doesn’t end when our children exit babyhood. Mothers are still a marginalized community in this culture, and because of that, many of us are suffering when we could be thriving.

I have experienced my own struggle with identity, self worth, career, and motherhood guilt, and I am here to say enough is enough, for all of us. We deserve better, from ourselves and our community/culture. Mothers are the literal foundation of society, and it’s about damn time that we step into the power of that fact.

The Critical Needs of Mothers






Deep & Meaningful Self-Care

Time Dedicated to Inner Identity Work

Someone who understands what you are going through and can help you find pathways to more embodied, joyful living

Who am I now?

If you are here, you are a mother who knows deeply that something needs to change in your own life and in our culture. You know that you deserve the time and opportunity to explore what is you want from your life, and who you are now that you are a mother. You are ready to do the sometimes difficult, sometimes painful work of self-examination that will lead you toward the transformation you seek.

You want meaningful coaching that helps you explore your identity, your motherhood lineage, cultural and generational narratives and myths, your sexuality and relationships, your relationship to your body, your relationship with your child(ren) and your role as a parent, your career and passion, and more. You want someone to guide you who deeply understands the inner and outer journey, the light and the dark, the joy and the grief of becoming something and someone new.

You may be a year or two postpartum, or you may be five, ten, or even twenty years into your mothering. For those earlier in the journey, you may realize now that you need to get a head start on this important work; for those further along, you may have just come to realize you are feeling lost in your role.

No matter where you are on your journey, I can help you step into a new, multifaceted, vibrant version of yourself.

Let’s find out what we can create, together.

Working Together

In Person Coaching & Bodywork

If you are located in the Memphis area, sessions will take place at my office in Midtown (unless you prefer virtual sessions for convenience or health reasons). Local clients benefit from a blend of coaching, somatic bodywork, scar tissue remediation, and nervous system work.

Virtual Coaching

For folks who are not local to me, coaching is available virtually via Zoom. Please note that I am in the Central timezone.

Commonly Covered Topics

Identity, career, sexuality, body image, intimate relationships, parenting and coping with/understanding childhood behaviors, meaningful self-care, nervous system support, nutrition, mental health, generational trauma, birth trauma, grief, marital separation/divorce, scar tissue/birth healing, the Mother Wound, mother myths, cultural messaging, guilt, shame, career, spirituality, self-expression, and much more.


3 month initial coaching packages include two monthly 90 minute sessions and virtual support in between as desired. $1200

Are you ready to start your transformation journey? Let’s schedule a time to chat about your goals, or what has led you to realize you want support in finding yourself in your mothering. Please contact me here, email me at, or call me at (901)336.4168 to schedule a discovery call. From there, we can find a plan of coaching that best supports you! I can’t wait to help you find answers to the most important question, “Who am I now?”