A space to grow: together.

Hey there, Memphis Mama!

Are you pregnant or the mom of a baby or toddler (or both!)?

If so, and if you’ve been feeling like you haven’t found that “village” everyone always talks about, fret not! I’m here to support you.

Mama Circle is back and I am so excited to see how this new iteration of our community flourishes. Read on to learn more about this tight-knit, safe space for mothers to find support and community.

Why Mama Circle?

Way back before the pandemic (oy, feels like forever ago!), I felt the need for a curated, peer to peer support group and social space for Memphis moms needed to exist, so I started Mama Circle. For about a year and change, we meet regularly to discuss the realities and challenges, and the joys and celebrations of the motherhood experience, in community. Our babies and toddlers enjoyed the time to explore with one another, and occasionally we even had local providers join us to share about their work. We even did a retreat full of pampering and self-care!

The big WHY of Mama Circle is that, as a doula and mother, I have seen the need for community based postpartum and motherhood coaching, not unlike what I do as a Postpartum or Motherhood Transformation Guide. I help mothers take deep dives into who they are and who they want to be, as well as give guidance on a myriad of topics that most mothers want help with, such as relationships, sex, body healing, sleep, parenting, career balance, identity, and so much more. Any mamas who also sign up for one-on-one coaching will get Mama Circle for free for at least one series, depending on how long they are in my coaching program.

It was really hard to adjust to pandemic life as a group, so eventually I had to let Mama Circle go. I was heartbroken to lose this community, but it just wasn’t feeling like it fit into the current world.

Now, requests for Mama Circle to resume are pouring in! So we are ready to get back to this beautiful, communal space of care, friendship, and support.

The new format will be 4 week series where you will commit to attending all four meetings.

Location for July circle is TBD and will be announced ASAP.

This group is for anyone who is currently pregnant, newly postpartum, or the mom of a baby or toddler. Babies and toddlers are welcome. Please do NOT attend if anyone in your family is experiencing symptoms of ANY illness, including nasal discharge, cough, fever, any covid symptoms, vomiting, etc. Please wear a mask to group.


Summer Series
4 Saturdays, July 2-23
Registration Fee: $100
To pay, click here.

Early Fall Series
4 Saturdays, August 27-September 17
Registration Fee: $100
To pay, click here.

Late Fall Series
4 Tuesdays, November 1-22
Registration Fee: $100
To pay, click here.

If you’d rather register via Venmo, feel free to send registration fee to me @zoe-etkin and make sure your email and name of series is included in the note.