Breastfeeding is more than food.

It’s immunity. Nervous system co-regulation. Bonding. Hydration. Comfort. Instinct. Pain relief. Relationship. LOVE.

Breastfeeding is mammalian.

And yet, many new mothers and babies struggle with the nursing relationship.

What I have learned over the past decade of supporting breastfeeding mothers is this:
breastfeeding works best in community.

Women need to see breastfeeding and be seen breastfeeding.

But in a culture where breastfeeding is still stigmatized, many first time mothers have never seen someone nursing in real life.

An Embodied Approach to Infant Feeding

I offer three different approaches to lactation support: in-home (for my Postpartum Transformation Guide clients), in-office support, and community support.

Clients who have hired me for my 6 week in-home postpartum care program all receive lactation (and any infant feeding method) support as needed.

Clients are welcome to come and visit me in office for lactation support. It is ideal to book this ahead of your birth, but last minute trouble-shooting visits are also available.

Myself and postpartum doula Maddi Wilkerson offer monthly FREE lactation support groups for Memphis moms. Pregnant moms are also welcome to attend. Check with me for dates (check my Facebook business page as well)

Let’s Work Together!

I have supported countless women in their nursing journey over the past ten years as a birth & postpartum doula and breastfeeding educator, as well as breastfed my daughter for 2 years (through quite a few challenges). I have experience with: low supply, oral restriction, use of SNS, pumping, clogged ducts or mastitis, nursing twins, nursing preemies, nursing aversions, previous lactation issues, nipple shield use, jaundice, reflux, allergies, and more.

I am happy to support mothers who are exclusively pumping, as well as moms who are combo feeding or supplementing with formula.

My Approach
My approach to lactation is embodied and evidence-based. Breastfeeding serves many more purposes than feeding, and it is important that new breastfeeding dyads be supported in feeding on demand (unless there is a medical reason not to). I help new families understand the needs of their newborns, as well as how to optimize breast health during lactation. Rather than rely upon apps to mitigate the breastfeeding relationship, I encourage simply ways to connect to one’s body, instincts, and baby to create a lasting breastfeeding journey. Whatever your goal is, I am here to help you meet it.



Foundational Package
(For Local to Memphis Clients Only)
Postpartum Transformation Guide Package $1500

Postpartum Transformation Guide AND 4 scar tissue/bodywork sessions in office $2000

In-Office (Virtual Available)

Assessment Session
This session lasts up to two hours and helps me understand what is going on with you and your baby

Follow Up Sessions
Three follow up sessions are recommended (more available if needed). I do encourage clients to receive lactation support consistently for the first 6-8 weeks postpartum.
$360 (for three)

Community Support Group
Monthly support group for anyone who wants to receive lactation support
Check with me for dates (generally will be second Tuesday of the month)

To book any of these services, feel free to schedule a brief consult with me by calling 901.336.4168 or emailing