This I know: Birth cracks us open.

Birth opens our bodies, minds, and hearts to something new.

Not only the newness of our babies, but the newness within ourselves.

We are then tasked to define who we are amongst the scatter pieces of self that lay before us.

To heal our bodies, to process our trauma, to reconcile who we were with who we are now, and who we want to be.

It can feel impossible, overwhelming, scary, or lonely.

But it doesn’t have to–

This is where I come in.

Over the past ten years I have dedicated my life to supporting women and new families as they navigate pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood. Through my experiences as a birth and postpartum doula, I have had a lens into the intimate experiences that unfold in the time after birth–the challenges and transformations new mothers (and their partners) navigate as they discover their new baby, and simultaneously seek to discover their new sense of self.

And while I absolutely have loved my time as a doula, after the birth of my own daughter, I began seeking a deeper way to not only be with, but also hold, new mothers in their transformation. I have been on a transformative journey of my own: defining who I am in this field of perinatal care, who I want to be, how I want to show up for my clients, and who you need in your postpartum time, being with you, and holding you as you find your way.

The two critical needs of

postpartum mothers:


To experience somatic bodywork & traditional postpartum healing protocols (for mother & baby)


To receive coaching that spans the various points of emotional need of the new mother (your identity & sense of personhood, your relationship to your body & your sexuality, your relationship with your partner, your role in society, your career, your mothering, and so much more)

Who am I now?

If you are here, that means you are most likely either pregnant or newly postpartum, and that you have a sense that there must be more than meets the eye to this journey you are on. You know you want to experience a smooth and joyful transition from birth to new parenthood. You want to feel held as you traverse new terrain of physically and emotionally/spiritually recovering from childbirth, navigating breastfeeding & infant care, redefining your intimate relationship in relation to new parenting roles, and finding who you are through the transformation. You want someone who deeply understands the inner and outer journey, the light and the dark, the joy and the grief of becoming something and someone new.

This I know: your journey has the potential to transform you into a new, more whole version of yourself.

Let’s find out what we can create, together.

Working together

These services have shifted to in-office and are only rarely available in the client’s home. See pricing below for more information on those options. It is anticipated that most early postpartum clients will start coming to see me within the first two weeks postpartum–this early postpartum package can start no later than 4 weeks postpartum.

Early Postpartum Package

Services take place in my office for approximately the first six weeks of your postpartum journey. You will also receive my full attention and focus on your care for the entire six week program, which means you have access to my support via call, text, or email whenever you need support between sessions. During your in-person 2 hour visits, you will receive:

-comforting hands on bodywork to help your body release tension, recenter, & heal beautifully

-herbal vaginal steams to release blood/tissue, cleanse and heal tears, increase circulation, & ease hemorrhoids

-infant massage and instruction, education on your newborn’s body, nervous system, reflexes, and senses

-abdominal massage and binding to support uterine involution, organ placement, digestion, & abdominal muscle function

-lactation support and other infant feeding education

-new motherhood coaching that spans a myriad of themes, including: unexpected feelings of grief or guilt, anxieties or fears, processing your birth, navigating care options for your newborn, parenting guidance, newborn care education, returning to sexuality, returning to work, relationships, finding your place in the world now that you are a mother, & much more

-continued support during the entire period of care via text, voice text, phone call, or zoom. You have me, dedicated to your care, for the duration of our time together, and beyond if desired.

Want all of this and need in-home support?

Great! I’ve got you covered. My team of postpartum doulas can visit you 1 or more times a week during the first 6 weeks postpartum (extended packages are often available to those in our care) to offer more hands on, practical care for you, your newborn, and your family. My doulas offer both day and night shifts, depending on what your family needs most. Together, my team and I create a calm environment in your home for you to rest and recover.

Want virtual support because you’re not in Memphis?

If you are located outside of the Memphis area, I would love to support you in a virtual capacity. Virtual coaching takes place over Zoom, and coaching plans are determined on an individual basis. This coaching is ideal for those who are in the early postpartum period. If you are further along postpartum, you’ll receive Motherhood Transformation coaching instead. This service is only available to those who reside outside of my service area of Memphis/Shelby County and surrounding areas. Just like in-person care, I am dedicated to you during the coaching period, and am available for support between sessions.


Are you ready to start your transformation journey? Let’s schedule a time to chat about your goals, or what has led you to realize you want support and care in the early postpartum adjustment. Please email me at or call me at (901)336.4168 to schedule a discovery call or local meeting with me and my team.

Virtual clients: During our discovery call, we will talk about a coaching plan that will best suit your particular goals and needs. Note that you can be anywhere in the first year of your postpartum journey to initiate this coaching, but ideally you are in your first few weeks postpartum so you can start off on a supported, confident path.

Memphis clients: It is ideal to book your Postpartum Transformation Bodywork & Coaching package or postpartum doula package during your pregnancy, though some last minute bookings may be possible. You have the option to only book my six weeks of guidance, or you can add a postpartum doula for even more amazing care. See below for pricing and suggested packages.

Availability for in-home postpartum packages is EXTREMELY limited for 2023.

Packages and Pricing

In-Home Early Postpartum Package
Six 2.5 hour visits in your home
I bring my massage table, vaginal steam kit, and other tools
(extremely limited availability, local to Memphis only)

Early Postpartum Package (in-Office)
6 two-hour sessions in office. Bring your baby. Partners are welcome.
(For Local to Memphis Clients Only) $1500

Early Postpartum Package (Virtual)
(For Clients Who Live Outside of Memphis Only)
Postpartum Transformation Guide Package
Six 2 hour virtual coaching sessions for the first 6 weeks postpartum

Additional Visits with Zoë (in Office or Virtual)

6 more 90 min sessions w/ Zoë right after initial package $1200

6 more 90 min visits w/ Zoë over 3 months after initial package twice mthly $1200

*All packages include spot coaching between sessions and virtual/text/email support as desired

Postpartum Doula Services with My Team

Add Daytime Doula Support with My Team
+ 1 day doula visit a week for 6 weeks add $960
+ 2 day doula visits a week for 6 weeks add $1920

Add Nighttime Doula Support with My Team
+ 1 night doula visit a week for 6 weeks add $1920
+ 2 night doula visits a week for 6 weeks add $3840

Additional day and night visits available, these are just suggested packages.
Want more time with me? Continued coaching packages available.