Scar tissue remediation is a type of sexological bodywork (also known as somatic bodywork) that involves supporting the client and their body’s communication within the tissues and nervous system. By starting sessions with trust-building nervous system down-regulation, we can begin to develop a relationship whereby your body system begins to communicate its needs directly with me. By addressing you and your body in this gentle, nourishing way, we can, as you are ready, begin diving into deeper work. Whether you have known scar tissue, pelvis or abdominal pain or numbness, mobility issues, or organ function issues, we will work together to unlock and release your tissues in order to achieve more sensation, function, and mobility, as well as emotional/energetic healing.

Through a variety of techniques, I am able to address a range of needs: menstruation/fertility related concerns, pregnancy loss recovery, abortion recovery, postpartum recovery (especially perineal and cesarean scars and diastasis), gynecological procedure recovery, menopausal concerns, trauma/injury of the abdomen and pelvis, sexual concerns, abdominal surgery recovery, sexual assault, pelvic floor issues, postural issues, gut/bowel/digestive concerns, and more.

No matter where you are in your journey, we can work together to address your needs. I only ask that you be at least 8-12 weeks postpartum/post-injury/surgery before we begin. You may be months to many years post-initial formation of your scar or your concern–know it is never to late to start addressing and changing these parts of yourself!

The somatic approach sees you as a whole being: the emotional body, the brain, the nervous system, the energetic body, the spirit, and the physical body. Through our work together we can help you to map your being, better understand your being, unlock stuck or numb parts of yourself, and guide you to taking the best care of your whole self.

My focus is to create a space that supports women/people who have vulvas/uteruses, especially as it pertains to pelvic and abdominal health. However, I am open to supporting others who have scar tissue concerns as well, so please reach out and we can discover if working together makes sense for your situation.

For transparency, I am in school at STREAM, a school that teaches scar tissue remediation and management, spearheaded by the incredible Ellen Heed (who lives and works in Los Angeles and around the world). I will complete this program in October, 2021, having started in October 2020. I have been offering specifically cesarean related work on and off since 2015, and took a wonderful cesarean scar class with midwife and sexological bodyworker, Pati Garcia, in 2020, after realizing early in 2020 that scar work is my passion. I am grateful to have these skilled mentors as I deepen my abilities through continued study. STREAM is the most comprehensive professional training I have ever taken. If you’d like to learn more about the curriculum, visit, or feel free to ask! While I am in my studies, I will be adding new techniques, and offering deeper education as the program goes on. Please reach out regarding your specific scar tissue situation, and I will let you know if I am ready to support you. While I am in the program, I will be using a donation-model for payment. If you feel comfortable donating to support the cost of my education, I would be most grateful. I want this work to be accessible to all who need it, and be able to bring this important work to our city.

Sessions may last up to 90 minutes min and the suggested donation is $50-100 per session, sliding scale. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

To schedule a session with me, please email me at