You may have heard about doula support for your birth and after, but did you know that I can support you through your entire pregnancy as well? Through conversations, writing exercises, embodiment practices, and more, we will walk hand in hand through each step of your expansion toward birth. Whether it is exploring your inner landscape and identity shifts, going over any information you have received from your care provider, or supporting your physical wellbeing and nutrition, I am here. Our work together can lead to a natural progression to birth support, but I do offer this coaching virtually as well. My pregnancy coaching is fully tailored to your unique needs.

Pregnancy coaching may include…

-Thoughtfully curated writing exercises/journaling
-Embodiment & mindfulness exercises
-Accompaniment to prenatal appointments if desired
-Resources & recommendations for a variety of topics
-Education on anatomy & physiology of pregnancy
-Exploration of identity, sexuality, body, and more
-Relationship coaching
-Sexuality coaching
-Parenting coaching
-Registry recommendations & postpartum planning
-Nutritional & herbal support (to be cleared by care provider)
-Labor preparation planning
-Hands on touch for in-person clients

Ways to Work Together

Local to Memphis clients can see me at my office in Midtown.

If you are not local, not to worry! I am available for sessions via Skype/Facetime

90 Minute Intake Sessions (Required for all new clients): $100.00

60 Minute Coaching Sessions: $75.00

Interested in booking an intake session? Please send me an email at