Birth and New Motherhood Photography

Many years ago I believed I would study photography in college. While I did take a couple of classes and even set up a little studio in my parents’ garage, I never pursued my passion for the art fully. Over the course of my doula career I have photographed many births–sometimes with a phone, and sometimes with a DSLR that the client provided. I’ve always been happy to do this, and when I was recently asked to capture a client’s birth on film once again, it ignited that passion and made me realize that getting back to photography, within the context of my doula work, would be a beautiful melding of many things that I love. 

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The Poetry of Birth

Families can hire me to photograph their birth with or without hiring me as their birth doula. But, those who hire me for photography alone get the benefit of a seasoned birth doula being there if needed. If doula clients hire me for photography, I will prioritize supporting the clients over taking pictures, but will always do my best to keep my camera at the ready and capture the moments the family hopes to have. 

This package includes:

-One meeting to discuss your desires for birth photography (doula clients will do this at our prenatal meetings)

-On call for the birth beginning at 38 weeks 

-Specific image requests when possible

-Ideally 50-100 (or more) edited photographs (depends on length of birth)

For Birth Doula Clients: $200.00

Without Birth Doula Support: $500.00

Raw Motherhood

Many photographers focus on posed, studio-style images of newborns and new mothers, but I’m always drawn to the candid, raw images depicting the real and raw aspects of the time after birth and early motherhood. Booking a Raw Motherhood session means you can just be YOU and I will frame the beauty of your experience with my camera. No need to put on makeup, pose, or worry about cleaning up your house–these images are all about capturing what is real and true for you in the postpartum period. Capture moments such as… breastfeeding, baby’s bath, siblings and babies, partner bonding time, skin to skin, mom self care moments, and more.

This package includes:

-One full hour of photography in the comfort of your home

-25 edited photographs 

For Postpartum Doula Clients: $50.00

Without Postpartum Doula Support: $100.00