mother and daughter

When we become mothers, we change. Our bodies, psyches, souls, beliefs, ideas, circumstances, priorities… you name it…all transform in an instant. The change is profound, and sometimes shocking. Many of us find ourselves lost in a fog during the postpartum period, feeling deeply locked into the motherhood identity, and feeling that who we were before has died, never to return. Can we go back to exactly the person we were before became a mother? No, but what becomes a task worth fighting for is finding who we are now. Ask yourself, “who am I now?” You are a mother, yes, but that is not your only identity.

It is necessary to be in the fog early on. We have to because our babies need so much of us. But the further we get from birth, the more we can begin to see peeks of light coming through. A forming clarity of the pieces of ourselves that will eventually coalesce into who we are.

I understand this process because I have lived it (and still am in many ways). I have felt totally lost in motherhood, not believing that I matter, not knowing who I am. But I have found ways to connect to myself, rediscover myself, and allow myself to become the multifaceted human being that I am.

Are you feeling stuck in the motherhood identity? Not sure who you are, what you want to do outside of raising your child(ren), if you want a career or not, or how to juggle career, family, relationship, and self? Has your relationship/marriage changed in challenging ways? Are you struggling with body image, sexuality, or health problems since becoming a mom?

Allow me to support you in finding who you are now, and who you wish to become. Together, we will identify what makes you feel alive and whole, and work on creating a pathway for you to take action in actively engaging with these many parts of your identity. We all deserve to be whole people, and prioritizing ourselves in this way is an act of motherly love. What better example to set than one that teaches self-love, self-respect, and self-actualization.

If you are navigating the fog, let me help shine a light so you can step forward with more confidence and clarity. Together, we will discover a new, beautiful you.

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