Inspired by a myriad of global postpartum healing traditions, I blend modern approaches with traditional practices to create services and products that will support your wellbeing after childbirth. Whether you are newly postpartum, or even a few years in, many of these modalities or products can benefit you. If you are not a postpartum parent, but are interested in some of these services, please see my Holistic Womb Care page.

If you would like to book one or more of these services, please send me an email at It’s ideal to book these services as far ahead of time as possible.

These services are available in the comfort of your home for moms who are under 6 weeks postpartum. After such time, home visits will incur an extra charge of $10. To avoid this charge, come to my office at the Mother Nurture Center

vaginal steam stool and kit

Vaginal Steam

After childbirth, the perineum, vulva, and bum can all need a bit of TLC. Swelling, tears or stitches, and hemorrhoids can make the healing process uncomfortable. Vaginal steaming aka peri steaming works beautifully to increase circulation, promote healing, and gently cleanse the area. Steams are sold in packages of 3, and I will come to your home with my full set up and guide you through your half hour steam session. During your steam, I am happy to sit with you, or offer you a moment of privacy by holding your baby. Steam lasts 30 minutes plus prep/clean up time.

Steam Package x 3: $125.00
Single Steam: $45
Prices include herbs
*Included with postpartum doula packages

foot massage

Postpartum Foot Care

Swollen, achy feet post-birth are nothing you want to worry about when you’re busy caring for your baby. Pamper yourself by selecting this service. I’ll come to your home and prepare a warming foot soak, then apply an exfoliating scrub, and then an oil massage. Simple nail care and polish are included if desired. Relax, nurse your baby if needed, and enjoy this opportunity to do something to care for YOU. This service is a great gift for new moms who are not yet ready to leave the home. Bring the pampering to mama! Available in pregnancy too!

Service lasts 30-45 minutes plus setup/clean up.

Foot Care Package x 3: $125.00
Single: $45
Prices include soak ingredients, scrub, & oil
*Included with postpartum doula packages

abdominal massage

Belly Massage & Binding

Warm oil belly massage gently moves digestion, supports uterine involution, and invites organs to return to pre-pregnancy position.  This luxurious experience takes place in the comfort of your home, and is a practice you can continue to do on yourself, or you can book several sessions in the early days or weeks postpartum. Belly massage is a beautiful way to honor your body post-pregnancy and birth, and can become a simple self care routine to recharge you and your relationship to your body. Following the massage, I will wrap your abdomen in cotton muslin, inspired by the Malaysian tradition of Bengkung. The binding serves to support the core and assist in uterine involution.

​Massage lasts roughly 30 minutes. 

Belly Massage & Binding x 3: $125.00
Single Sessions: $45
Prices include oil & wrap
*Included with postpartum doula packages

infant massage

Infant Massage

Just as it is important for newly postpartum parents to receive nourishing touch, babies also receive great benefits from intentional touch. During an infant massage session, I am happy to instruct you to massage your baby or to massage them myself, showing you a variety of techniques so you may implement this practice in your infant’s daily routine. Infant massage has many benefits, including relaxation, bonding, and much more. 

Massage is a beautiful way to care for your baby and teach them the importance of body-care/self-care. I use your oil or lotion of preference, but have coconut, olive, or jojoba available. 

Massage lasts as long as baby is receptive– anticipate some flex time to make sure baby is fed and ready.

Infant Massage Sessions x 3: $125.00
Single Sessions: $45
*Included with postpartum doula packages

closing the bones ceremony

Closing the Bones

Inspired by the Mexican tradition of Cerrada, following a relaxing herbal bath and birth story processing, I and one-two of your chosen support people will massage you, and then ritually wrap you from head to toe to seal your body and spirit after birth. We’ll then leave you to rest, warm and cozy in your bed, as we prepare you a meal or cup of tea. This entire process can last up to three hours. Bath herbs and massage oil are included. Basic meal prep with your own ingredients is included. Special meal prep for this ritual is an additional fee.

Closing the Bones: $250

*This service is included with daytime postpartum packages

smoothie with berries

Placenta Preparation

Beginning in July 2020 I will be available for placenta encapsulation. I will continue to offer smoothie/culinary preparation as well. I do this preparation in your home with your equipment (tinctures are possible with this option). This service must be booked prenatally to ensure I am available within 48 hours of your birth. Last minute requests will be taken on a case by case basis.

$250 Placenta Encapsulation (includes tincture, cord keepsake, and optional print)
$100.00 smoothie/culinary preparation*
+$10.00 tincture

*Included with postpartum doula packages, tincture additional for clients bc of materials cost


postpartum herbs

Self Care Package

This package includes:

-1 steam

-1 belly massage & binding

Price: $90.00

or 3 sessions for $250

person receiving foot massage

Pampering Package

This package includes:

-1 steam

-1 belly massage & binding

-1 foot care treatment

Price: $125.00

or 3 sessions for $380

smoothie with berries

Parent & Baby Love Package

This package includes:

-1 steam

-1 belly massage & binding

-1 foot care

-1 infant massage session

Price: $160.00​

or 3 sessions for $500