Holistic pelvic care is my offering to folks in any point of their reproductive health journey. I do hone in and focus my work on those who are actively trying to conceive, who are pregnant, birthing, early postpartum, and those who are post-abortion or experiencing miscarriage, but I have a deep love for pelvic health in general and know that these offerings benefit all kinds of folks, experiencing all kinds of reasons for seeking care. In my years studying sexuality, and in my own journey, I have found great benefit from cultivating an active engagement with my vulva, vagina, cervix, and uterus. I believe the first step to an embodied, positive relationship with one’s own body is to be body literate. We must understand and know our parts in order to enjoy more pleasure and greater health. I recommend beginning this journey with Vulva Mapping, then, if ready, moving on to Cervical Discovery. Vaginal steaming has many applications in pelvic health, not only in the postpartum time, and I offer that as a nourishing self-care practice that you may choose to continue practicing at home after our initial work together. All of these services take place in the comfort and privacy of my office at the Mother Nurture Center. I provide certain materials that are needed, as well as some textual information and resources for continued exploration.

Prices include cost of materials utilized with each offering. To book these services, please send me an email at zoe.etkin@gmail.com. Please book at least two weeks ahead of when you’d like to schedule your session. Last minute books may be possible, but please inquire.

vaginal steam stool and kit

Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming is said to support healthy menstruation, increase circulation, release pelvic tension, and aid in many pelvic ailments. Steams are sold in packages of 3, and take place in my office at MNC with my full set up and guide you through your half hour steam session. During your steam, I am happy to sit with you, or offer you a moment of privacy to relax and engage with your body. Scheduling is subject to availability, please inquire.

Steam Package x 3: $125
+Single Steams: $45
Prices include herbs

artistic vulva

Vulva Mapping

Have you ever looked at your own vulva? If you have not, or if you would like support in exploring your anatomy, learning the parts of the vulva, and understanding what it is you are looking at, this offering is for you. Looking at your vulva can be a deeply healing, empowering experience. Many folks do not receive thorough education around the anatomy of the vulva, and learning how intricate and amazing your own body is can feel powerful. Using a light and mirror, I will help you identify the various aspects of your anatomy in a safe space. 

Vulva Mapping Session (up to 90 minutes): $150

abdominal massage

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is a practice that encourages circulation, proper organ placement, digestion, menstrual health, and birth recovery. This modality is available in 30 minute sessions. Using a blend of oils, including castor, and spices if desired, I will provide you with a comforting, centering massage. 

Massage Package x 3: $125
+Single Steams: $45
Prices include herbs

Cervical Discovery

Taking your self-exploration a step further, it can also be informative and powerful to view your own cervix. Most women do not get a chance to do so, and are amazed by what they see when they use a speculum to view their vagina and cervix. This self-directed practice can help you discover ways to educate your care providers in doing gentler, more patient-centered pelvic exams. You’ll have the knowledge and understanding of how to insert a speculum comfortably, and you may even decide to do so in your future gynecological appointments once you’ve learned how in this session.

Cervical Discovery Session (up to 90 minutes): $150

woman looking at her vulva with mirror

Womb Care Package

For folks who are ready to dive in to this experience fully, I offer a package session that begins with vulva mapping, then moves to cervical discovery, and finishes with a nourishing vaginal steam and abdominal massage.

Please dedicate up to three hours for this service. 

Womb Care Package: $400