Birth and Postpartum Doula

Nurturing support for one of the biggest moments of your life.

COVID-19 Statement: I am offering in person services during this time. Clients must be taking safety precautions, as I do as well.

Birth Services: At this time I am no longer accepting clients for birth support. You are still welcome and encouraged to take my Childbirth Education series, and we can match with a birth doula through my doula agency, Memphis Doulas. While I cannot make myself available to the on-call and unpredictable nature of birth at this time, I would love to support your pregnancy through education or bodywork. If you are interested in somatic bodywork/scar tissue remediation, please see this page.

My postpartum practice is still offering full service support to first time and experienced parents. My calendar for postpartum support fills extremely quickly, so please reach out as soon as you can. If I am not available, or have limited availability, we can match you with another doula at the agency. I am always happy to do a few special sessions with clients who want to work with me specifically but need more hours than I have available, or need night work, which I am presently not offering. See bottom of page for packages and pricing.

My high quality birth doula services include:

-Prenatal meetings to get to know each other & create birth plan
-Breath work
-Fetal positioning exercises
-Fear release work and emotional preparation
-Partner skill building
-Hands on comfort measures
-Assistance with informed consent/refusal process
-Mindful meditation practices
-Support in exploring the inner journey of birth
-Creating a comforting birth environment
-Connecting couples through the birth process
-Embodied and ecstatic birth coaching
-Family centered planned cesarean support
-Home, hospital, or birth center settings
-Birth photography (add’l fee)
-Supportive of unmedicated or medicated births
-VBAC experience

My high quality postpartum doula services include: 

-Holistic Postpartum Care
(vaginal steam or sitz baths, abdominal bodywork& binding, infant massage, foot soaks & foot rubs, scar tissue education, perineal care techniques)
-Healthy snacks, meals, & bone broths/soups
-In-home placenta preparation
-Postpartum identity coaching
-Birth story processing
-Movement and breath practices that aid in recovery
-Closing the Bones inspired ceremonies
-Empathic, informed care for those going through postpartum mood disorders 
-Newborn care instruction
-Babywearing & gear instruction
-Parenting coaching
-Breastfeeding/ pumping/ formula/ bottle feeding support
-Practical household assistance
-Sibling support
-Pet care


Interested in working with me? Fill out this form to schedule a free consultation. Be sure to include your due date, area of residence, and birthing location.