Birth and Postpartum Doula

Nurturing support for one of the biggest moments of your life.

COVID-19 Statement: I am offering in person services during this time. Clients must be taking safety precautions, as I do as well.

Birth Services: At this time I am no longer accepting clients for birth support unless they are very special circumstances or a repeat client. I am in school for Somatic Scar Tissue Remediation for the next year. Once I am done with school, my regular birth services will return. You are still welcome and encouraged to take my Childbirth Education series, and can be matched with a birth doula through my registry, Memphis Doulas. While I cannot make myself available to the on-call and unpredictable nature of birth during my schooling, I am available for classes, pregnancy coaching, and birth plan review sessions. If you are interested in somatic bodywork/scar tissue remediation, please see this page.

My postpartum practice is, as always, open to first time parents, as well as experienced parents. I love the different ways each type of family utilizes doula support–the education, the hands on recovery modalities, nourishing meal prep, baby care education, parenting coaching, relationship coaching and so much more! See below for more information on what my postpartum services entail.

Birth is a transformational journey of the body, the mind, and the spirit. You want to feel safe and secure in your birth environment, knowing that all who surround you support you and your baby as you walk through the threshold between pregnancy and parenthood, between the inner world and the outer world.

You may also be seeking a birth experience that is rooted in autonomy, informed decision-making, and standing in your power as the birthing person. You may be unsure how to navigate your birth environment, and if they will center you in the experience, or if you’ll have to fight hard for what you know you deserve in your care. You want someone to advocate for you.

On the postpartum side, you desire a restful, nourished time to recover from birth and bond with your baby. The postpartum time is powerful in its ability to shift your identity, priorities, and needs. You know you want support during this time, not only to take care of your body as it adjusts to a non-pregnant state, and also your mind and heart as you integrate into your new life as a parent (or new life as a parent of multiple children).

Perhaps you are the partner or family member of a pregnant or newly postpartum person and you want to give them the fullest expression of love, care, and support during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. Perhaps you also want support as you make your own transformational journey to parenthood or grandparenthood.

If any of this resonates with you, then you have come to the right place! As a skilled and experienced birth and postpartum doula, I focus my work on caring for my clients in a way that meets you where you are, tunes into your unique needs and desires, and offers an abundance of experiences, knowledge, research, and hands on skills to advocate, care, and support you.

I will:

Provide instruction and resources to help your family prepare for this profound experience, body-mind-spirit
Utilize my unique background and continuing education (fetal positioning techniques, somatic bodywork, pelvic health, sexual health)
Bring my deep knowledge of the birthing process and the needs of birthing families
Guide you through your postpartum physical and emotional recovery through bodywork, movement, herbal treatments, and coaching
Offer practical newborn care instruction
Nourish your family with comforting, healthfully prepared meals 
Support your breastfeeding relationship or offer infant feeding education
Coach you and your partner in navigating your relationship post-baby
Offer coaching to help you find your parenting style and groove
Create a multi-dimensional support plan from pregnancy through the first few months postpartum

That means:

Prenatal Support   

The prenatal process consists of getting to know you, your partner, your birthing preferences, and helping you prepare for birth physically, emotionally, and practically. If am working as your postpartum doula, you can schedule a few prenatal visits for baby planning and setting up your nursery at an additional rate. 

Your Birth Day   

When your baby signals their arrival, you will be surrounded by intuitive physical, emotional, and informational support. I am also skilled in the process of informed consent and refusal, and will work to bridge communication with you and your care provider so you can access the information you need to make decisions about your birth process. I will advocate for you, the care you have a right to, and for the dignity and respect you deserve.

Postpartum Care

As your birth doula, I can guide you in initiating the first latch with your newborn, make sure you eat and receive nurturance, and assist in bonding. As your postpartum doula, I will provide in-home day or night time support to help ease you into your role as a parent, make sure you are recovering well from your birth, and assist in a variety of ways to support your household. I can even visit you in-hospital if desired to bring good food, provide a massage, and answer your questions. My approach to the postpartum period is to nourish the postpartum parent, focusing on physical recovery & emotional wellbeing. My background is unique in that I have broader training than the average postpartum doula. My work at The Artemis School and through STREAM afford me deeper insights into the body, sexual health, somatic touch, movement, and the emotional journey. Through hands on bodywork, herbal treatments such as vaginal steaming, movement practices, and others, I will help you physically and energetically re-integrate after birth. I take a unique approach to newborn care education: blending the latest evidence based information with evolutionary/biological knowledge about human babies, and help you understand the needs and communication of your newborn. I love to prepare healthy meals for new families as well. I draw from the rich global traditions of postpartum care to help the body recover and soothe the nervous system after birth. Guidance and a listening ear are also so important to new families, and I am happy to sit and talk with new parents about their births, their identity, their babies, parenthood, relationships, emotions, and more.

My high quality birth doula services include:

-Prenatal meetings to get to know each other & create birth plan
-Breath work
-Fetal positioning exercises
-Fear release work and emotional preparation
-Partner skill building
-Hands on comfort measures
-Assistance with informed consent/refusal process
-Mindful meditation practices
-Support in exploring the inner journey of birth
-Creating a comforting birth environment
-Connecting couples through the birth process
-Embodied and ecstatic birth coaching
-Family centered planned cesarean support
-Home, hospital, or birth center settings
-Birth photography (add’l fee)
-Supportive of unmedicated or medicated births
-VBAC experience

My high quality postpartum doula services include: 

-Holistic Postpartum Care
(vaginal steam or sitz baths, abdominal bodywork& binding, infant massage, foot soaks & foot rubs, scar tissue education, perineal care techniques)
-Healthy snacks, meals, & bone broths/soups
-In-home placenta preparation
-Postpartum identity coaching
-Birth story processing
-Movement and breath practices that aid in recovery
-Closing the Bones inspired ceremonies
-Empathic, informed care for those going through postpartum mood disorders 
-Newborn care instruction
-Babywearing & gear instruction
-Parenting coaching
-Breastfeeding/ pumping/ formula/ bottle feeding support
-Practical household assistance
-Sibling support
-Pet care


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