Birth and Postpartum Doula

Nurturing support for one of the biggest moments of your life.

Welcome to my doula services page! These services are the foundation of my practice. Over the past decade, I have served countless families in Los Angeles and Memphis as a birth and postpartum doula, and I am so honored to be a part of so many families’ stories. As you may have noticed on the home page, and elsewhere on the site, my practice is changing. Due to the demand of my unique postpartum services, as well as my family’s schedule, I have shifted the way I offer support.

I am no longer personally attending births. I know! You’re like, what??? I get it–sometimes I still can’t believe it myself! But don’t worry, I have lined up some amazing doula apprentices to support my clients during labor and birth on my behalf. I have personally trained each one through my doula training org. These apprentices benefit from my mentorship and client-base, and our clients benefit from having my expertise matched with the new doula’s passion and energy. Everyone wins!

As for postpartum support, I am now offering what I call postpartum doula+++. With my additional trainings through the Artemis School and STREAM, I offer a more in-depth type of support that few other postpartum doulas provide. My sessions can focus on physical recovery strategies, including vaginal steam, belly binding, abdominal massage, full body massage/specific areas, pelvic floor and abdominal work appropriate for the early postpartum period, scar tissue healing strategies (clients are encouraged to come to my office for scar tissue work starting around 8-12 weeks postpartum), nervous system support, and more. I also provide postpartum identity coaching, birth story processing, and relationship and sex coaching. I offer my approach to newborn care education, called Your Primal Baby, which guides new parents to lean on their intuition when it comes to early parenting, and also illuminates the biological, psychological, and evolutionary needs and behaviors of newborns. In addition, I enjoy supporting the nutritional needs of new families, helping clients with lactation, pumping, and bottle feeding, and can help you better understand any baby gear (including carriers) that you may need. Making sure parents are resting, eating, bathing, getting fresh air, spending time with older siblings, and more are all included in my time at your home. While my passion is for offering these particular services, I am always happy to do more common postpartum doula duties (like laundry, playing with siblings, dishes, etc.) as well. If you need more support than I offer in the postpartum, I have apprentices (whom I have trained personally), who are ready to jump in and help.

See below for Packages and Prices.

Our high quality birth doula services include:

-Prenatal meetings to get to know each other & create birth plan
-Breath work
-Fetal positioning exercises
-Fear release work and emotional preparation
-Partner skill building
-Hands on comfort measures
-Assistance with informed consent/refusal process
-Mindful meditation practices
-Support in exploring the inner journey of birth
-Creating a comforting birth environment
-Connecting couples through the birth process
-Embodied and ecstatic birth coaching*
-Family centered planned cesarean support
-Home, hospital, or birth center settings
-Simple photos of your birth
-Supportive of unmedicated or medicated births
-VBAC experience

Our high quality postpartum doula services include: 

-Holistic Postpartum Care
(vaginal steam or sitz baths, abdominal bodywork& binding, infant massage, foot soaks & foot rubs, scar tissue education, perineal care techniques)*
-Healthy snacks, meals, & bone broths/soups
-In-home placenta preparation*
-Postpartum identity coaching
-Birth story processing
-Movement and breath practices that aid in recovery*
-Closing the Bones inspired ceremonies*
-Empathic, informed care for those going through postpartum mood disorders 
-Embodied newborn care instruction
-Babywearing & gear instruction
-New parent coaching
-Breastfeeding/ pumping/ formula/ bottle feeding support
-Practical household assistance
-Sibling support
-Pet care

Note that services marked with a * may only be available with Zoë herself, prenatally or during the postpartum period.


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