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Hey there, doula colleague! I am glad we have connected. I see you! You are a new doula who needs a little doula-ing through the process of getting your business started. You’ve been a doula a while but your business hasn’t taken off how you hoped it would. You’re an experienced doula looking to deepen or expand your practice. Or maybe you’ve taken a doula training through Embodied Doula Trainings and want even more mentorship than we offer through the org. All good! I’ve got you. I have been working in this field for a decade and have been supporting other doulas’ journeys from day one. I believe doulas thrive in collaboration with one another. We all need great mentors along the way to help us stay motivated to build our businesses and deepen our practices.

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Brand New Doulas

If you have not yet taken a doula training, I highly recommend you train with my organization, Embodied Doula Trainings. Our trainings will offer a rich foundation for your practice, business skills, and opportunities for mentorship. However, if you’re seeking something more, we can always get started with some one-on-one sessions before and after your trainings.

If you’ve trained with another org and are considering retraining, please consider EDT! If you’re not ready for a full re-training, then this mentorship can go a long way to helping you make your business a success. I’d still recommend you join EDT as a member to take advantage of the mentorship offered by our org and the other membership benefits and community.

Either way, you’ve just started your journey and you’re not sure how to get your doula career off the ground. Business structures, names, logos, websites, contracts, finding clients, connecting with clients, living a sustainable doula life, dealing with the hospital system… it’s all so much! I’ll doula you through it all and make sure you are confident as you step into your first client interactions.

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Experienced Doulas

You’ve had some (or a lot of) experience supporting clients and running your business. But perhaps you’re not getting as many clients as you want, or you’d like to streamline how your business is run, or maybe you aren’t sure how to expand. You may be considering adding new services, refining things, creating something unique. Maybe you’re tired, feeling burned out, weary of another tough birth dealing with unsupportive providers. Or maybe you’re looking to connect to your clients on a deeper level, do more coaching, more embodied practices, etc. I am here for all of it. I am all about creating a doula practice that reflects who you are and what you are passionate about. I have spent the course of my career constantly adapting and adjusting to what my clients have needed and what I have felt called to offer. I can help you see your practice more clearly, and help you chart a course for new and exciting growth. I can help you better connect to yourself and what fulfills you, and how to convey that to the people you want to support.

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So Let’s Do This!

If you are ready to get down to business, then let’s make it happen. The way this works is we set up a FREE 20 minute call to get to know one another and give you a small preview of what it is like to work with me. Then you’ll choose a package from the options below, and we will get started scheduling your mentorship calls. All mentees will receive the number of calls included in their package, as well as unlimited email based support between sessions. Group coaching calls may also become available in the near future. At this time I am not offering a la carte mentorship calls unless the mentee has already booked and utilized a package. Mentorship calls are 60 minutes.

Level 1

3 (60 min) mentorship calls (voice or video) over a three month span. Unlimited email support between calls.


Level 2

6 (60 min) mentorship calls (voice or video) over a three month span. Unlimited email support between calls.


Payment plans available.

Ready to work with me? Please send an email to to schedule your FREE 20 minute introductory session! I can’t wait to learn all about you and help you grow!