woman after childbirth with her midwife doula nurse and partner

Childbirth Education Series

In this four week series, you and your chosen birth partner will learn about the inner and outer journeys of birth. You’ll learn the anatomy and physiology, the science and evidence, the birth interventions and protocols, the vital process of informed decision-making, and how to create your birth plan. You’ll also learn the spiritual/emotional/psychic/embodied aspects of birth, how to approach pain and process fear, how to cope and find comfort, and how to connect to your baby and body. This class goes deep–for both the birthing parent and the partner. We want you to come away from the series feeling confident and prepared to bring your baby into the world in whatever way feels most authentic to you. The class is perfect for folks planning hospital births, planning unmedicated births, planning to get an epidural, planning to birth at home or birth center, and so on! It truly has something for everyone. Each session is roughly 2-2.5 hours in length. The series includes a comprehensive guidebook full of information, exercises, resources, and citations.
$300 per

Prenatal Classes

Breastfeeding Class
In this in-depth class for pregnant folks/couples, we explore breastfeeding from a biological standpoint, preparing you to “go with the flow” so to speak! We teach baby led latch, laid back breastfeeding, feeding on demand, how to express milk, how to breastfeed and work away from home, and so much more. Partners will feel prepared to support infant feeding.

$75.00 per

Postpartum Prep
This class was co-written by myself and renown pelvic floor physical therapist, Amy Moses. Together, we have created a class that focuses on the mental, physical, and emotional recovery after childbirth. The postpartum period an often neglected subject, and in this class we highlight it so that you know what to expect and how to experience it with care and support.

$75.00 per

Your Primal Baby
Our baby class is like no other! We teach an evolutionarily and biologically based class that prepares parents to understand their newborn and their needs. You’ll learn about all the fun stuff like bathing and diapering, and also get some really comprehensive information about how babies tick, how to bond with them, and more!

$75.00 per

Class Bundle

For the utmost in preparedness, take the childbirth education series and the prenatal classes together!
Cost to register: $500.00


Please email zoe.etkin@gmail.com to schedule your classes. At this time, only private classes are available at my office in Midtown.