My name is Zoë Etkin and I have dedicated my life to supporting others as they step through the various phases of motherhood and beyond. I do this by offering embodied, somatic coaching, education, scar tissue remediation, and bodywork to those who wish to learn about their fertility, those who are pregnant, those who are birthing, those who are newly postpartum, those who have experienced pregnancy in the past few years, and those beyond the childbearing years. I am a retired birth and postpartum doula who now trains and mentors doulas all over the USA. I write books and journals that focus on embodiment, motherhood, sexuality, pregnancy, and the human body.

I am the co-founder of Embodied Doula Trainings, and am a Certified Embodiment Doula (CED), Certified Postpartum Embodiment Doula (CPED), Certified Embodied Childbirth Educator (ECE), and Certified Embodied Lactation Guide (ELG), and Embodied Newborn Care Specialist (NCS). I am soon to be certified as a STREAM (Scar Tissue Remediation Education and Management) practitioner by 2023. I offer my services in Memphis, TN, and Shelby County, and virtually. Many folks travel from out of state to see me for scar tissue remediation.

I’m a Memphis native who returned to the Mid-South in 2018 after a decade in the Southwest and West Coast. During my time out west, I gained extensive experience in birth, holistic reproductive wellness, and the new parenthood/motherhood experience. My time was also spent obtaining my undergraduate degree at the College of Santa Fe, where I earned my BA in Creative Writing & Literature, with a minor in Theatre. I then went on to earn my MFA in Writing (Poetry) & Critical Studies from California Institute of the Arts.

After I graduated CalArts, I decided to pursue my passion of empowering people to take charge of their health. The first step in that journey was beginning my doula education with CAPPA. I went on to do three formal trainings with CAPPA (Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Childbirth Education). While doula training and doula-related continuing education (including Spinning Babies) was fantastic, I still needed more tools to serve my clients. I made the decision to train under Lara Catone at her institute, The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Wellness. The education I received at The Artemis School was by far the most expansive, thorough, and truly holistic I had ever experienced. This program opened me up to be able to serve clients seeking menstruation support, fertility coaching, sexuality coaching, and so much more.

I am now thrilled to be attending STREAM (Scar Tissue Remediation and Management), a program led by the incomparable Ellen Heed. This program focuses on the mobilization and reintegration of scar tissue, especially that which may reside in the pelvis or abdomen (often from birth but not always), but is so much more. It is an overall education in Somatics, in bodywork, in the nervous system, the brain, trauma, biochemistry, biomechanics, and more. In this program, I am learning, from many angles, how to help people feel better in their bodies and souls. It is an incredible education that has and will continue to radiate out into everything I do.

I’m grateful to have multiple passions in life. In addition to my work serving individuals and families, I also write poetry and non-fiction, and have several books published, which you can learn more about here.

I am the mother to a fantastic 5 year old named June.

doula zoe etkin in child's bedroom with daughter who is smiling

I would love to support you in any way I can. Please feel free to send me an email or fill out the contact form. I’ll be in touch! Be sure to include your estimated due date/baby’s birthday, and birthing location.

Zoë Etkin: Embodiment Doula
Memphis, TN
Social: @zoeetkin and @zoeetkinembodimentdoula