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MAMA CIRCLE has adapted many times since it began in 2018–we have moved venues several times, changed our structure, our meeting times, and so forth. That’s because, as mamas, we adapt, we go with the flow, and we are damn good at figuring out new ways to make things happen! So, due to the significant impact COVID-19 has had on all of our lives, and because large group settings where babies and toddlers intermingle just don’t make sense right now, we are adapting once more!

We know how important it still is for mamas to connect, talk, and get support, so in September we will begin MAMA CIRCLE walk&talks around the circle! That is, Walnut Grove Circle, my street! So strap that baby on or load up the stroller and meet me at 53 W. Walnut Grove Circle for a 30 minute walk/chat. Don’t forget your favorite mask and water bottle! We’ll be delivering all the MAMA CIRCLE realness you’ve come to know and expect. See below for dates and times. We won’t start these walks until September because we know even then will be hot!!

We promise, once it is safe to gather, we will bring back the good old MC structure that we love so dearly. But for now, we gotta do what makes the most sense!

MAMA CIRCLE is more than a mom’s support group, it’s a community, a movement, and place to find your people as you navigate motherhood. #Momlife ain’t easy, and although we love the digital mom world, there’s no substitute for flesh and blood socializing. ​

MAMA CIRCLE gatherings are vibrant, dynamic events for new and expecting moms to learn, find community, and carve out time for ourselves.

Mama Mentorship
Looking for more personal support? MC is offering a one-on-one distanced Mama Mentorship program! These 60 minute sessions are available to be booked M-F 9-3pm, and can take place virtually or at a socially-distance-able location of mutual agreement. These sessions can focus on any subject for which you need support: lactation, sleep, toddler behavior, navigating couplehood, you name it! We’ve got you covered. Sessions are $50.00. To schedule your Mama Mentorship session, email

2020 MAMA CIRCLE walk&talks
All walks begin at 9am and last for 30 minutes. Any socially distant outside hang out time after is of your own choice.
September 1 & 12 November 3 & 14
October 6 & 17 December 1 & 12
Remember to dress for the weather and make sure your baby or toddler is properly covered or cooled as needed. If it is raining, we will just cancel.
$5 suggested donation, but no one will be turned away. Donations go to a scholarship fund for Embodied Doula Trainings.

We look forward to seeing you again in this new iteration of MAMA CIRCLE. We appreciate you for sticking with us through all of our challenges and changes. Your support means a lot!