mama circle memphis

MAMA CIRCLE is more than a mom’s support group, it’s a community, a movement, and place to find your people as you navigate motherhood. #Momlife ain’t easy, and although we love the digital mom world, there’s no substitute for flesh and blood socializing. ​

MAMA CIRCLE gatherings are vibrant, dynamic events for new and expecting moms to learn, find community, and carve out time for ourselves. To learn how to register for MAMA CIRCLE, click here.

mother nurture center

Mother Nurture Center is a space that I co-founded along with perinatal mental health therapist, Alex Smith. Our vision for this space is to create opportunities for Memphis & Shelby County women to feel supported and cared for in their motherhood journey. MNC offers perinatal mental health therapy, support groups, MAMA CIRCLE, my own private practice offerings, lactation support, parenting classes, and more.

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