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Lily Cup Compact: A Review

I haven’t used a single tampon in over 8 years. I do not miss them and I have never considered going back. 8 years ago I bought my first menstrual cup. After some research, I decided on the Moon Cup, sold by GladRags. The Moon Cup is a firm-but-flexible, silicone cup: clear in color, belly shaped. It works by collecting menstrual blood and blocking it from coming out of the vagina. A well-placed menstrual cup shouldn’t leak, and should be comfortable enough that the wearer doesn’t even feel it. I love this cup, and have loved it ever since I got the hang of using it. Over the years I have learned about other brands: The Diva Cup (the standard), the Lunette, the FemmyCycle. Yet I have not veered from my Moon Cup… until now.

The Lily Cup Compact, by Intimina (a company who also makes vibrators! Cool!), has created quite a nifty, and unique design. Modeled after collapsable drinking cups, the Lily Cup Compact folds down to fit into a compact case about the size of a lip gloss. Now, function wise, when I saw it, I said, “Gimme gimme gimme!!” I love cute, little pink items I can throw in my purse (even my tiny purses!). The Lily Cup Compact delivers on form. The compact container itself is a great size, and a fun shade of pink. The cup is where it gets interesting though. The size A, for people who have not yet given birth or not had a vaginal birth), is a dusty, creamy pink. The texture of the silicone is softer, more buttery (to keep using dairy metaphors), and the fact that it folds up is just too cool!

I purchased my Lily Cup Compact from a friend, and had to wait a month (I have long cycles) to try it. Well, AF finally arrived and I decided to give it a whirl. Now, you should know I am a stem trimmer. Most menstrual cups come with a stem for easy removal (a la the tampon string). However, my anatomy makes it such that the stem is very, shall we say, POKEY. Ouch! In any case, I decided to try it with the stem to start. Due to the squishiness of this cup, I had a little trouble getting it in/high enough the first time but it felt okay in the moment. I left the house to go Christmas tree shopping but once I arrived to my destination, things were not well down below. I was disappointed and uncomfortable.

Not wanting to give up on this cup, I gave it another try. This time, with the stem cut as short as is possible. A few minutes in, a little movement and activity, and it had shifted down and I could feel it. Hmph. Then, a thought popped into my head: turn it inside out. I had heard, via Facebook groups, that turning a cup inside out works for many women. I gave it a shot and actually collapsed the very bottom (to shorten it further–something only offered by the collapsable design!) and tried again. Poof! Success! Hours in and no leaking, no pokey feeling. The Lily Cup Compact (with modifications) seems to be working for me so far. Will it totally replace my Moon Cup? I don’t think so. But it’s nice to have something I can throw into my bag for emergencies. This foray into exotic cups has inspired me to try more! Stay tuned… But it may be a while with my 40 day cycles!!

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