“Zoe is phenomenal at her job! She helped me postpartum in a few different areas and I cannot imagine anyone more informative in every area of pregnancy and postpartum. She listens and gives the best advice. I have recommended her to so many people and will continue to do so! Give her a call and talk to her, and I guarantee you’ll hire her in a second!”

~Andrea L.

“I absolutely loved having Zoë for postpartum support and as a doula mentor. She guided me through my transition into mothering 2 via vaginal steaming, foot massage, abdominal massage and belly binding. Then has guided me into my doula career. She’s the best!!”

~Savannah S.

“Zoe is fantastic! She was my birth and postpartum doula for my first birth. Even though I’m a doula myself, my husband and I 100% needed her support and valued her expertise during the birth of our daughter and the first several weeks at home. Adjusting to life with a newborn is tough! But Zoe made the transition a little smoother by coming with us to appointments, helping me get more comfortable with breastfeeding, giving both my baby and me massages, facilitating healing vaginal steams, cooking meals for us, and loving on our baby while I got some much needed rest. She helped us find our own style of parenting without any judgement or agenda. I truly enjoyed the newborn phase and feel confident as a new mother thanks to Zoe’s encouragement and support.”

~Maddi W.

“When I say Zoe is the ultimate woman/mama/goddess guru, I mean it. If you need a doula, postpartum care, education surrounding all topics in womanhood and birth, support for any of the above and more, she’s definitely the person I recommend. I even reached out to her when I thought I may be in labor with S, and sure enough, I followed her advice and delivered S about four hours later.”

~Natalie Fuschi, Memphis Based Photographer and Mother

“Just want to say, I love Zoe Etkin. She may be white, but she gets it. She gets me. Her heart for black women is the reason I trained with her! The equipping I feel that I am able to provide my clients is UNMATCHED! ❤️ love you Zo!”

~Kela F., Birth Doula Training Student

“If you are debating whether or not you need a postpartum doula, stop debating and hire Zoe. She is caring, compassionate and highly knowledgeable . As a new mother with twins, I would have been lost without her. She came in and instantly helped me feel more confident caring for my girls. Zoe also made sure that I took care of myself. She is a wonderful person and I give her the highest of recommendations.”

~Rhiannon P.

“Congrats to you first of all for recognizing the value of a doula. Secondly, consider yourself blessed if you get to work with Zoë as your doula. She was my postpartum doula and was flexible, pitched in wherever it was needed – from dishes to massages to advice, very supportive to a mother’s needs. She doesn’t take over your baby, but instead really looks out for moms best interest. This woman is just a wealth of knowledge and I asked her all my baby questions that you don’t need a doctor for, but someone that is experienced and knows what is in the range of normal. She has a bazillion skillsets, like making a meal out of whatever is in your fridge to dicing up placenta to belly binding to web page creation (seriously). And def have her make you kale salad.  Zoë is kind and creative and will not make it awkward in your home. Recommend her if you are looking for all around immediate postpartum or birth support.”

~Alicia H.

“I’m not sure we could have survived the first six weeks of our baby’s life without Zoe. Having our first and only child in the midst of a global pandemic meant that none of the family and friends we were counting on for support could come to town, but Zoe stepped into the void as a postpartum doula. Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, burping, swaddling, baby-wearing, baby-bathing: we had no experience with any of these things, but she helped us find our way. Day support helped me understand how my body was healing and night support gave us back a measure of sanity. On particularly bad days my husband and I would look at each other and say, “It’s okay. Zoe’s coming tomorrow.” And even when she wasn’t physically present she stayed available to answer my crazy new-mom texts with calm, practical advice borne of experience, education, and a healthy dose of common sense. Hiring her was the smartest decision we made regarding our baby’s care–worth every penny and then some!”

~Maggie R.

“Excellent doula! Zoe was totally supportive of all my birth choices and my birth plan, and she helped me have the birth I wanted while working well with the doctors too. She also worked for us as a postpartum overnight doula which was positively life changing. Highly recommend!”

~Cheryl M.

“I hired Zoë to ghost write several blogs for my birth business. Her command of the subject matter resulted in expertly written blogs that have received tremendous praise from colleagues and clients alike. Zoë was prompt and professional to work with.”

~Rebecca Tucci, Professional Doula

“I’m a first time mom and Zoë came to our assistance a few days after arriving back home from having our baby at the hospital. Zoë is a “one stop shop” for new moms. She helped me with tips and ideas on being more efficient with feedings, arranging baby clothes, and shopping for items that I was missing. On a daily basis Zoë made sure the house was in order and that I had everything needed for my well being so I could focus on baby. Zoë also cooks healthy and very tasty meals! Zoë keeps herself up to date on baby related research and practices and provided me with much knowledge and information. Zoë has a “whatever it takes” attitude and is very productive. She has a very pleasant and non judgmental personality and is very pleasant to have around. I am so glad I had the opportunity to benefit from Zoë’s services and would highly recommend her.”

~Orli B., Postpartum Client

“Zoë was my postpartum doula. I don’t know what we would have done without her. My partner had to go back to work so she came to my rescue! Everyone is always worried about the baby. Zoë helped me through MY healing. She cared for MY needs. She cooked delicious nourishing foods, got me out of the house while helping me get use to breastfeeding in public, she held my son so I could rest, gave me special herbs for sitz baths that she made for me, and so much more! Zoë was there for my sons first bath and taught me how to massage him to make his gassy tummy soothed. I wouldn’t trade that postpartum care for anything. My only regret is not having her for my birth!”

~Lily P., Postpartum Client​

“Zoë definitely helped me and my husband feel more prepared and motivated about natural childbirth. Her Childbirth Education sessions were very detailed, informative and personable. She answered all our questions with understanding, patience and honesty. We really enjoyed attending her sessions and got so much invaluable info that we needed. Upon leaving every session, I felt motivated, informed and empowered. I recommend Zoë Etkin’s services to every expectant mother in the Memphis area!!!”

~Maricela L., CBE Student

“I’m beyond thankful for Zoë and everything she offers Memphis moms. Aside from her doula work (phenomenal and apart of my successful VBAC2 story) she offers Mama Circle. If I’m honest, without meeting Zoe and her tribe of mamas/coworkers/friends I don’t think I would have ever stepped out or acknowledged the importance of identifying myself (outside of motherhood) again. I’m so grateful for her part in my VBAC and providing the support PP to regain a bit of me!”

~Erica U., Birth Client and CBE Student

“I knew I needed additional assistance during my baby’s birth. Zoë provided support for the remainder of the pregnancy and at the hospital during the birth, and was a wonderful source of postpartum and postnatal care. Whether I’ve had breastfeeding questions or other new mom concerns, she’s been available and helpful, and I know I can reach out whenever I need help. It still takes a village to raise a baby, the village just looks a little different than it used to.”

~Lexy L., Birth Client

“Zoë is truly one of the best. An amazingly well-rounded yet highly specialized support for women and couples throughout the reproductive journey. I feel fortunate to have her as a colleague and reliable referral source. When I refer a client to her, the feedback is always spectacular.”

~Stephanie Morales, Postpartum Mental Health Expert

“We warmly recommend Zoë to anyone looking for a doula in the area. Zoë supported us in the birth of our second child. There were last-minute complications during the delivery of our first child, who was born via a c-section. We were determined to do all we could to make the second time a better experience and knew that a doula would play an important part. We thought we knew what to expect from labor and delivery as second-time parents, but the second labor was very different from the first and we had a lot of decisions to make along the way. Zoë helped us roll with the unexpected, was a great resource for information, and supported us in our decisions. The end result was a successful VBAC and a healthy baby girl in our arms.”

~Viv H.

“Zoë is amazing! Zoë came to us during a very difficult time in our lives as first time parents. She provided us with much needed relief and support and gave us the tools to be more knowledgeable and confident parents. Zoë has a big heart and loves her babies and families she cares for. We’re very thankful for all her help and highly recommend her.”

~Emily E., Postpartum Client

“We used Zoë a couple nights a week to help us through the second month of our newborn. Being first time parents, we were still figuring things out and dealing with the lack of sleep which was starting to become intolerable. In came Zoë, our magic baby whisperer to the rescue! With a calm gentle demeanor, she was able to soothe our baby to sleep and provide me with precious hours of much needed sleep. She patiently answered all my baby questions and guided me on how I could put my baby to bed. We’re so thankful for her and highly recommend her to parents looking for help!”

~Natalie Y., Postpartum Client

“Zoë is a wonderful doula. We highly recommend her. She accompanied us from childbirth education to postpartum help and I don’t know how we would have done it without her nurturing support. The birth of our daughter was a wonderful experience, because I felt safe the whole time with Zoë by my side. She is a very gentle, caring, intuitive person. You won’t regret hiring her for any kind of support.”

~Francis W., Birth and Postpartum Client, Childbirth Education Student

“Zoë is so supportive, nurturing, and knowledgable.  I trust my little girl’s life with her. Zoë has such a warm energy.  She helped with anything I needed.  I adore her and am glad to say she has become an honorary family member to us.”

~Jodi S., Postpartum Client

“Zoë was a very supportive doula who gave me the tools to feel confident to birth my baby.”

 ~Tina O., Birth Client

“I highly recommend Zoë! She was great!!!”

~Randi L., Postpartum Client

“Zoë did an amazing job with our birth! We could not have imagined the experience without her. We honestly can’t say enough about her as a doula or person!”

~Nick G., Birth Client Partner

“Zoë was a wonderful doula. She was calm and attentive. She was particularly wonderful with our 8 year old son. She will be an asset in any birth environment.”

~Yalda H., Birth & Postpartum Client

“Zoë is a kind and compassionate person who has chosen the perfect career. This was my third birth and I knew more or less what to expect. However, Zoë made the experience a lot better by adding a calm to the environment. My two previous births felt like I was out of control and in this birth, with her guidance, I was able to manage the pain effectively. I did not get any kind of intervention for this birth and Zoë helped me stay focused on the decisions I had made before getting into labor. I would definitely recommend her to first timers and/or nth timers. She has got the drive to make your experience the best one.”

~Tracy B., Birth Client

“She was very attentive to detail. She was the first to notice that my baby had cradle cap and told me how to treat it. She was great with my toddler. They built a great relationship. Zoë was willing to do anything I asked. She encouraged me to breastfeed and massage my infant. She went above what was asked of her. And best of all, she never complained.”

~Laura B., Postpartum Client

“From the first time I met Zoë I felt an immediate connection and was very comfortable with her, which is very important when choosing someone who is going to be helping you through the incredibly challenging and intimate task of labor/birth. I felt a sense of trust that she was very knowledgeable and that she was capable of helping me achieve what I hoped for my labor experience. During the labor (and in general) she has a warm, calming nature about her.  She’s always been very responsive and available whenever I’ve had questions. I highly recommend Zoë :)”

~Liz R., Birth Client

“Working with Zoë was a dream! She was the back-up doula for my actual doula. A family emergency had taken my doula out of the mix for the birth of our son; so, as soon as she alerted me to this, she connected me with Zoë. I walked Zoë through the birth plan that my husband, doula, and I had created – and also told her that I would be utilizing hypnosis. Zoë was very easy to work with and just a text or phone call away once I started going into labor. Zoë was extremely calm throughout the process, providing a nice energy for our birth. Additionally, she reminded us of our options at every stage of our birth…and actually, her reminders saved me from getting a C-Section! Following the birth of our son, I remained in close contact with Zoë and ended up hiring her for postpartum services. She’s very nurturing to the babies, and educated me quite a deal on wraps, slings, and carriers for my little one.”

~Nara R., Back Up Birth Client, Postpartum Client