This I know: Birth cracks us open.

Birth opens our bodies, minds, and hearts to something new.

Not only the newness of our babies, but the newness within ourselves.

We are then tasked to define who we are amongst the scatter pieces of self that lay before us.

To heal our bodies, to process our trauma, to reconcile who we were with who we are now, and who we want to be.

It can feel impossible, overwhelming, scary, or lonely.

But it doesn’t have to–

The missing piece to maternity care

I have cared for the new mother, new family, newborn, for over a decade as a postpartum doula. My approach has always been unique. Over the years, I kept feeling like I needed to do more for this deeply tender time in family’s life. Those experiences, my own, and my training in somatics and global postpartum care practices have led me here. To you.

If you are here, it is because you want what is deeply neglected by the maternity care system: whole-person postpartum care. Too many new mothers and their families struggle in the early weeks post-birth. Lactation gets off course, emotions become frayed, relationships become tense, sleep is scant, frustration is high, bodies feel depleted, uncertainty and confusion abound.

My postpartum care practice is the missing piece, something that no 6 week OB visit will ever touch the depths of. This is a container for those who want to feel held, supported, confident, reassured, and seen as they step into the bleary light of the postpartum period. This care supports not only the new mother, but her newborn, her partner, and her family at large. It is dedicated time to focus on your needs.

The two critical needs of

postpartum mothers:


To experience somatic bodywork & traditional postpartum healing protocols (for mother & baby)


To receive coaching that spans the various points of emotional need of the new mother (your identity & sense of personhood, your relationship to your body & your sexuality, your relationship with your partner, your role in society, your career, your mothering, and so much more)

Who am I now?

If you are here, that means you are most likely either pregnant or newly postpartum, and that you have a sense that there must be more than meets the eye to this journey you are on. You know you want to experience a smooth and joyful transition from birth to new parenthood. You want to feel held as you traverse new terrain of physically and emotionally/spiritually recovering from childbirth, navigating breastfeeding & infant care, redefining your intimate relationship in relation to new parenting roles, and finding who you are through the transformation. You want someone who deeply understands the inner and outer journey, the light and the dark, the joy and the grief of becoming something and someone new.

Your care includes: bodywork tailored to the needs of a post-birth body, lactation and infant feeding support, traditional postpartum care practices (belly binding, vaginal steaming, bone closing), infant bodywork education, embodied infant care education, new parent education, mental and emotional support and encouragement, information on the normal course of postpartum recovery and support in seeking outside care as needed, much more.

Working together


6 Weeks with Me
Support over (roughly) the first 6 weeks of your postpartum journey. Sessions last 2 hours and take place at my office in Midtown. Babies are welcome, but moms can come solo if preferred. Doulas, partners, grandmas, and friends are welcome to join in order to support baby while mom is getting care.

Clients are encouraged to join Mama Circle, and to consider entering into my coaching program and scar tissue care, depending on what we find is needed during the 6 week container.

Not local?
Not a problem at all. While I won’t be able to provide bodywork or hands on modalities, I offer incredible virtual care to newly postpartum families as well.

Needing in-home postpartum care too?

Great! I’ve got you covered. My team of postpartum doulas can visit you 1 or more times a week during the first 6 weeks postpartum (extended packages are often available to those in our care) to offer more hands on, practical care for you, your newborn, and your family. My doulas offer both day and night shifts, depending on what your family needs most. Together, my team and I create a deeply supported postpartum container for you to rest and recover.

Ready to gift yourself a beautiful postpartum journey? Let’s schedule a time to chat about your goals. Please email me at or call me at (901)336.4168 to schedule a discovery call or local meeting with me and my team.