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Water Birth in Memphis

I’ve seen quite a lot of posts on Facebook lately of moms asking about the availability of water birth or birth tub options in Memphis and Shelby County. Fortunately, there are options, but unfortunately, there are not very many. If you want to have a water birth in Memphis, here’s what you’ve got to know. …

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Can Our Family Afford a Doula?

Having come from the Los Angeles birth community, I was accustomed to the cultural expectation that doulas cost, and are worth, money. Of course, not everyone in LA county can afford doula care, but since doulas are so commonly used there, people are aware that this kind of support is of value. In LA, doulas …

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Women Are Being Violated in Childbirth and ACOG Says It “May” Be a Problem

Disclaimer: This is a quick and dirty blog post–I am pushing this one out (no pun intended) quickly so that our community can engage in a critical dialogue about this statement as soon as possible. If you find typos or issues, feel free to privately message me–and be forgiving of errors, please! Read the statement …

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A Little Catch Up

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I’m sorry for that! Life is so busy, it’s hard to sit down and put some thoughts together. 2019 was quite a year–much better than 2018 (don’t even want to talk about that year!). I attended some beautiful births, supported lots of new families as a postpartum …

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Breastfeeding a Toddler

We’re almost 24 months into our breastfeeding relationship. In some ways, it feels like we could be coming to a close, yet I know that some toddlers will nurse once a day for a year or more. Breastfeeding my daughter has been one of the most rewarding aspects of motherhood, and one of the hardest. …

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Local Memphis Live Interview

Today I had the privilege of speaking about AWAKEN space on LOCAL MEMPHIS LIVE! Check out the interview! I am so glad I can bring together the best of Memphis to offering workshops, groups, and other forms of support to Memphis area women, moms, and families. I really believe in the mission of education, support, …

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The Part of Motherhood Most People Hide

Blame social media, blame society, blame the need to keep up with the Joneses. The bottom line is that mothers are struggling on a daily basis and many feel too much pressure or shame to be truthful about it. We see picture perfect motherhood on Instagram, even leave out the darker details of our parenting …

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Why I’m Loving Holistic Postpartum Care

I’ve been supporting new families as a postpartum doula for almost 7 years. Over the years, my practice has grown and my skill set has expanded. I’ve always had a love for global postpartum traditions, specifically the foods, healing modalities, and overall approach that so many cultures have for the postpartum period. Some years ago, …

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Parenting Through Anxiety & Depression

Let’s be real. These days, many of us are parenting through mental health struggles. Just because we aren’t in the postpartum period anymore (although, I argue that it lasts a lot longer than the medical establishment says), doesn’t mean that those of us who struggled with postpartum mood disorders don’t continue to deal with them …

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AWAKEN space

Long before we moved to Memphis, I dreamed of creating a space for women, mothers, and families to gather, learn, and find community. Modeled after some of my favorite spaces in Los Angeles, AWAKEN space is a gathering space for the Memphis community. We offer groups and classes centered around pregnancy, mothering/parenting, sexuality, breastfeeding, women’s …