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AWAKEN space

Long before we moved to Memphis, I dreamed of creating a space for women, mothers, and families to gather, learn, and find community. Modeled after some of my favorite spaces in Los Angeles, AWAKEN space is a gathering space for the Memphis community. We offer groups and classes centered around pregnancy, mothering/parenting, sexuality, breastfeeding, women’s reproductive health & fertility, and writing.

We’ve been opened since August and have already welcomed so many sweet moms, babies, parents, and creative folks. While Memphis does have some amazing resources, there’s no central place where all of these resources coalesce. This is my hope for AWAKEN space, for it to be the go-to place for families looking for support, for women who want to take charge of their reproductive health, for people interested in embodied writing or other community centered creative classes.

A big part of my mission is to create a safe space for new mothers to come and get support in those early months and years. In-person support makes such a difference, especially for those who may be dealing with postpartum mood disorders, sleep deprivation, colic, etc. We’re that comfortable place you can easily bring your newborn, feed them, not worry if they cry, and just try out going in public with a baby but in a supported way.

The women’s health piece is really important for me as well. Creating classes that educate women about our bodies, our sexuality, and our fertility is a huge passion and something that I love doing. It’s so important that women who are not in the process of having children (either because they aren’t planning to yet, or don’t plan to, or already have) learn about their reproductive and sexual health as well. There’s not enough resources for body literacy, menstruation education, or pelvic health in our culture.

Parenting education is another important aspect of the work we’re doing at AWAKEN space. Parents need resources on a variety of topics to feel prepared, confident, and calm in the way they care for their babies and children. We’re happy to continue to develop offerings for parents with a variety of age children.

Inclusivity and accessibility are something we are striving to promote in the space, and we are working on ways to broaden our availability of scholarship and sliding scale to those who need. We’re just in the early stages of growing this business as a community (myself and the other instructors), but I see so much potential. I’m so grateful to be able to create the venue for these much needed services.

Please note that AWAKEN space is no longer open. We rebranded and became MAMA CIRCLE, which is now housed within the Mother Nurture Center.

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