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A Big Move

Back in February we made a big cross country move from Los Angeles to Memphis, TN. My husband, Max, and I decided that LA just wasn’t the place for us anymore, and that we wanted to raise our daughter in a smaller, more livable city. Memphis offers a lower cost of living, family support (thanks mom and dad!), a lot less traffic, a small towny feel with medium city amenities, and lots of green nature to explore.

We’re so happy our June Bug has a house and yard to grow up in, grandparents to watch her and love on her, and sweet baby friends to play with.

The doula community in Memphis is small, but there are some awesome folks here working in the birth world who have become friends and colleagues. I’m happily getting doula clients, birth and postpartum, and still working virtually with coaching clients on the West Coast.

We’re enjoying Memphis, but do miss our friends in LA. We’re settling in though and can’t wait to see how our life here will evolve and grow as we continue to find our place in our new home.

Stay tuned for another post all about what I’m up to business wise in Memphis, and what I’m doing to grow the resources for local moms, women, and families.

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