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Guiding women to connect with their inner and outer selves, tap into their nervous system, and live more whole, purposeful, and healthy lives.

Motherhood + Parenting + Relationships
Birth Trauma + Scar Tissue + Pelvic Health

Many of us want change in our life, but feel stymied by our own limitations. That’s because we aren’t meant to do things alone! Humans thrive in community and connection, and the work we do together in my practice is centered upon co-creation of the session. I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m here, like a doula or sherpa, to walk along side you in your journey of transformation. I sought out my own guides in my journey, and I’m here to share all I learned to help you thrive in yours.

I serve folks all over the country, as well as locally to those residing in Memphis/the Midsouth. Many folks do travel from other states to work with me for scar tissue remediation.

Proudly Serving Memphis, TN, Shelby County, and the Mid-South
Nationally via Zoom and Facetime