Expert birth and postpartum doula support in Memphis, TN

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I bring my doula heart to everything I do, whether that is birth, postpartum, education, writing, photography, or design!

I am an experienced Memphis doula who offers support across the spectrum of reproductive and pelvic health. Whether you are looking for menstruation or fertility education, pregnancy/birth/postpartum support, motherhood/parenting guidance, or sexuality coaching, I am here to share meaningful, embodied care with you. I believe everyone has the right to be fully educated about their body and health, and their health care options. My clients appreciate my non-judgmental approach, as well as my unique background and knowledge base. Proudly Serving Memphis, TN, Shelby County, and the Mid-South

doula zoe etkin with baby at mama circle gathering

Zoë Etkin

Hi, I’m Zoë Etkin and I have been in the birth and parenting world for 8 years. I came to this work with a passion for empowering people to take an active role in their health. That has led me to a doula practice built upon client-centered, customized support to fit each family’s unique needs. I love nothing more than supporting new families as they navigate the joys and challenges of early parenthood. I’m also a published poet, graphic designer, non-fiction writer, mother, and women’s health advocate. With the recent changes in my practice due to Corona Virus, I am now expanding my virtual offerings. I am available for private one-on-one coaching (pregnancy, birth planning, virtual birth doula, postpartum mama coaching, breastfeeding, fertility, sexuality, parenting), childbirth education, and prental prep classes (postpartum prep, breastfeeding, baby care). Please reach out if you would like to explore virtual options. Learn more about me here.